The Lord Mackie of Benshie, C.B.E., D.S.O., D.F.C., LL.D.


Brian Harris, D.F.C.

The Short Stirling was the Royal Air Force’s first operational four-engined bomber and in its day was an advanced and formidable aeroplane.

As far as is known, not a single example survives out of 2383 constructed and it appears that all manufacturer’s drawings have been destroyed.

The Stirling Project was constituted in 1997 under the Chairmanship of a former XV Squadron navigator with the immediate aim of preserving components and documentary evidence of this historic aircraft.

The committee has set itself the long term objective of constructing a forward section of fuselage and is confident of being able to recreate the necessary drawings.

A workshop has been established and conservation of a very rare FN 5 nose gun turret is in hand.

In 1941 the Lady MacRobert contributed £25,000 towards the cost of a Stirling which was MacRobert’s Reply in her honour.


The Stirling Aircraft Society when in funds will support the Stirling Project and their aim to find or create a full size Stirling. Please help us to do by joining with us.


The Stirling Project Web Site Link: The Stirling Project

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